I'd be good with that

Another First

Trippy Values

A big day

Winding Down



Photos - 9/25/05

Large Numbers


What If


Wide Open Spaces

Pirates, Volcanoes and Fountains oh my

A message from Ainsley

Photos - 9/18/2005

I see people wanted dead or alive

Animal House

Lost in Translation

Fore Fowls

You had to know

Here fishy fishy fishy

It's not just good, it's good for you.


Another Day, Another Detour

If you don't get dirty are you still camping?

We moved in mysterious ways

Weight a minute

Day 2 – Detour 2 Going Burl-Esque

Day 1 – Detour 1 => Driving by the seat of our pants

Blue Man Poo

The picture becomes clearer

Its all about the atlas

What lies ahead