If you don't get dirty are you still camping?

A few things took a little longer than expected today, plus we had some of the requisite detours, so we didn't make as far along the trail as we had hoped. So instead of camping at the Russian Gulch State Park we are staying at the Willits KOA.

Christy put it best when she called it "sanitized". This place boast a swimming pool, petting zoo (llama, ponies, sheep and goats), go-carts, a mock old time town, an on-site store and hot tub. I can't in all good conscience call this camping. I mean we don't even need a tent here (we are staying in a "K"abin). The bathrooms have hot running water and electric hand dryers. This is probably a step above a motel 6 for crying out loud.

I must also state an interesting observation. We are really the young ones amongst the geriatrics. First, every campground we have been to so far has been riddled with 200 foot motorhomes, all of which are captained by Agnes and Harold who retired back in 1908 and have been traveling the nations by-ways ever since.

We did meet an interesting couple from Germany last night. They were trying to commission Ainsley to crawl into the small window above the cap of their rented motorhome. It was about 9:30 at night, very dark and their keys were locked inside. Ainsley was already asleep and they had half the campground working on the problem. Eventually they were able to slide another window open and use a knife to unlock the side door. There was one guy there they seemed to be able to open any window on the motorhome...that was a little suspect. I made sure my car doors were locked that night.