Hike hike hooray! We had one full day in the Grand Canyon so we decided to make the most of it and take a small hike. We chose to do the same trail that Christy took when she was here for her class. The Bright Angel Trail provides one of many paths from the rim to the bottom. There are warnings that you shouldn't attempt to go to the bottom and back in one day - many people have suffered serious injury or death in their attempts. So I don't see why two people with a four your old shouldn't be able to do it. Just kidding. We started off and knew that Ainsley's little legs weren't going to get far, but we would just enjoy whatever we could do. I really wanted to make it to Indian Gargen which is the half way point on this trail. This wasn't going to happen but it sounded fun. We talked to a lot of people along the way. One of which was finishing up a trip that started on the North Rim and was finishing on the South Rim. This trips sounds really great and we hope to someday take our kids on that same trip. This is going to be many years down the road, but I am already excited.

The trail itself was pretty mild, a lot of swichbacks and a fairly gently incline. Once we got to the steep part of the trail we stopped, enjoyed some Mountain Blast Powerade and pears and headed back up. The whole hike only last about 90 minutes. The views were fantastic. We did see some California Condor which are one of the most endangered birds in the country. For some reason some of them have migrated to the canyon and others have been "planted" there. They seem to be thriving.

In the campsite we were visited by several large crow-like ravens. Imagine the biggest crow you have ever seen and then triple it. That is what these ravens looked like. They could have easily eaten our car if they chose to. The night was filled with the squels and moans of several elk. I don't know much, but I would guess by the sound of things that there was a mother looking for her child. The call and answer type squaks lasted all night long until daylight. Hopefully everything worked out for them.

At the start of the Grand Canyon Imax the narrater said something like "the Grand Canyon either proves the existence of God or proves the sheer power of nature". I don't know if these two are that different, but I will say that this area is heavenly and is truly a work of art.


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for allowing us to "take your trip" with you each day via computer. It's the next best thing to being there! Tony, we appreciate your entertaining and informative writings. We love every one of them! Christy, my favorite photos so far are Ainsley looking through the aquarium window & then posing in the Plaza robe. Thank you! Ainsley, WE MISS, MISS, MISS YOU! (XOXOXO) We are looking forward to seeing you next week!
Love, g.pa jim & g.ma ruth
G.ma Ruth said…
Your daddy wrote about seeing a California condor. I have a picture book at school about a condor family, titled "Condor's Egg". It has great drawings. I will bring it home so we can read it together!
Love, G.ma Ruth (XOXO)
Tony said…
Dear Grandma Ruth - I would like to say to you, I miss you, do you miss me too? I bet you do. It will take awhile for us to get home so you will have to follow us on the map you know?

Love Ainsley