Day 2 – Detour 2 Going Burl-Esque

Even though this is a family show, today's detour went in a risque Burl-Esque direction. Actually it wasn't that way at all. Despite traveling at 50 MPH Christy's eye was caught by a large collection of Burl wood structures. So we turned around in the vast parking lot of the Kerby Community College (nothing more than a converted Grange hall) and went back. There are two reasons why I am glad that we did, and one reason I am sorry.

First, this particular Burl wood gallery is nothing short of amazing. It was really a commune of shacks that housed different hand made items, ranging from handmade moccisons, hemp necklaces, intricate pottery and probably the most ecletic collection of Burl woods items anywhere in the world. These were not your typical burl end tables made by your uncle, or the fugly clock that has been in the family for years. These were true works of art. Beautifully crafted clocks, mirrors, cribbage boards, carvings, chairs, fountains and benches. If I were of different means I could have easily spent 50K in this place – the hardest part would have been choosing which items not to buy.

On the grounds there was series of tree houses that put the Swiss family Robison attraction at Disneyland to real shame. Everywhere you turned was another collection of wares that were both inspiring and overwhelming. The actual buildings that these people worked in were works of art themselves. Huge wood columns with intriccate carvings in them. Truly beautiful.

All of the people at this “mall” are real artists whose will never be famous, never be rich and mostly never be discovered. I believe that they do it all for the chance to express themselves through their work and to produce something with integrity and spirit.

The second reason I am glad that we went there is because while we were there we were told of a couple who went to Crater Lake yesterday (the same day that we tried). It turns out that actually made it to Crater Lake only to find it engulfed in a “blizzard” which rendered the lake unviewable.

The reason I am sorry we were there is because we couldn't decide on a piece to buy. There were a couple of clocks that we were eyeing but nothing was ever decided. This is too bad because I so wish we could have supported these people. I wanted buy something if for no other reason than to show my appreciation for having spent the last 1.5 hours looking at their work. I wish that I could have expressed my admiration to them.

We didn't do too much driving today, we stopped at a beautiful beach shortly before finding our campground. I was a little dissapointed that it wasn't warmer...we are in California after all. I must say that the Redwoods are living up to all of the hype. These are amazing testaments to nature. When passing by a series of very large trees we commented about how strong the trees were. Ainsley then asked if they would be strong enough to hold 100 monkeys. Chances are good unless one of the monkeys was Curious George.