Winding Down

Yesterday we left Utah in our rearview mirrors and made our way to Twin Falls, Idaho which is about 2 hours south of Boise. We made a playtime stop in Provo and found a cool little playground and played tag. Christy kept calling no touch backs as she grew tired of always being "it".

I am not sure when or how my opinion of Utah and Provo in particular was formed but I suspect that much of it came from the movie Fletch, the classic Chevy Chase film. I must admit these old opinions were wrong. Much of Provo is very nice, the setting is pretty and the city as a whole seems clean. Although we only drove another five minutes down the freeway to find smog. This area is like a smog net, being in a valley the smog just hovers around with nowhere to go. All along the freeway there are oil refineries that really ugly things up. On the whole though Utah suprised me - in a good way. There are definetly some beautiful areas.

I don't know where we are heading to today, we still have a lot of driving left to do and we woke up to rain this morning. So we must be getting close to home. The rain may put a damper (no pun intended) on our playtime stops. We'll have to wait and see. I can't believe that this trip is almost over. I feel like we had to cut it short and are now rushing to get back. This is really hard to believe given that we have been gone for over two weeks, but there is just so much to see. We could have easily spent more time in Zion and Bryce and who knows how much more time in the Grand Canyon. The good news is that we now know some good destinations for future trips. We probably won't drive to these places again, but we'll surely come back.

Talk to everyone soon.