I'd be good with that

The other day, Christy and Ainsley decided to have one of their famous book mornings. They get up out of bed, sit on the couch and read a pre-determined set/number of books. Normally this value is 10. Over the years we have joked that we could read books all day and Ainsley wouldn't get tired. She is a machine when it comes to books. We have always been curious how many books it would take to actually make her want to stop, how long of a time span would that take? On this magical day we set out to find out...

First, a small math lesson. Christy and Ainsley went over to the over filled bookshelves and compiled four piles of five books, twenty in total (that was the math, using reading to teach math, one of our more "out there" concepts). They slowly transferred them to the couch and started reading. I knew that I had to be a part of this too, no one adult can read that many books in one sitting without suffering some sort of permanent vocal chord damage. So Christy and I took turns reading two at a time.

In a little over an hour we burned through all 20 books and even read one of them a second time. It was fun, I think we all had a really great time. I looked at this now singular pile of 20 books and asked Ainsley "If we had another pile that same size, would you want to read them right now?". She responded, in all her hip-hopness "I'd be good with that". We didn't, Christy and I were tired. So once again Ainsley got the best of us, we were defeated again.

Later that day, we were down at the local book store. It was particularly busy that day, so while I was standing in line to order something Christy started reading Ainsley some books. When I was done Christy needed to wait in line back at the frame shop. Now it was my turn to read her some books. When we finished she would literally run the book back to the shelf, grab another and sprint back. We read another four books while we were there. So our tally is now at 25 books for the day and she still shows no sings of slowing down, being "bored" with books, or having here reading palette quenched.

We are now reading Charlotte's Web for the second time at her request. She really seems to enjoy that story. Of all the things a kid can be into reading books is pretty good, so I guess if her love for books continues and we continue to loose our battle in reading her into submission "I'd be good with that".