Another First

This last Saturday we, well Ainsley, participated in her first Parade. There are, however, some questions of this parade's authenticity and therefore whether or not this counts. Everyone knows that a parade is led by a fire truck, with lights flashing and ear-piercing sirens screaming. This is a parade fact. Well, shortly before the parade was to start the fire truck got an emergency 911 call and had to leave. This left the parade in a bit of a pinch. As a result the parade was led by a a white parks and recreation van. I know you know the van I am talking about. A long, white sterile looking Ford with the fake leather seats and old school hub caps. It didn't even honk its horn.

The van did lead us through about three blocks of residential Tenino in a "circle" fashion so that we ended up right where we started. Then it was party time. They converted the school's multi-purpose room into a multi-fun room. Free hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, crafts and large series of games. The kids played a "snow ball" fight with balloons, tug-a-war, bouncing ball races, hoola-hoop competitions, limbo,the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. It was pretty fun. Ainsley and her friends Onica and Iyla were really tearing it up. Ainsley won a large apple-banana cake during one of the last cake walks. Mmmmm, homemade cake.

We really had a fun time though. The best part for me was the announcement at the end that they had extra hot dogs. I guess the kids had had their fill and it was time to release the rest to the adults. It was like a shark feeding frenzy, all the dads smelled blood and rushed the table. We were still limited to one each. I tried to work the system and get Christy to go get me one, but she wasn't having it. Not much of a team player I say.

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