Pirates, Volcanoes and Fountains oh my

For those of you wondering why I haven't posted lately I can explain in a few short words. We just spent the last three nights in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. We were originally going to stay two nights but we were having such a good time and wanted to really experience Vegas. As for what we did, all I can say is that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Really though we had a great time. The Mandalay has a very cool wave pool and lazy river that we took full advantage of. Ainsley just floated and floated with her water wings. Cutest thing on the water..at least under 31.

Both nights we attempted to watch the Pirate show at Treasure Island it was canceled. The first night it started to rain. Not really, there were about four rain drops that fell over the whole strip and they pulled the trigger. The lightning storm that was going on was pretty cool though. The second cancellation was because of wind. What kind of pansy pirates can't take a little wind? Lame. Ainsley was pretty disappointed. The weather was really good though. There was a small period of clouds and "rain" and "wind", but that cleared up quickly and has been in the 90's. We are pretty happy.

The Venetian provided some cool entertainment with the gondola ride. The Bellagio's fountain shows were neat. Pretty impressive really. The Mirage has the volcano which allowed Ainsley the chance to learn a little bit more about how volcanos work - so she said. She was a little scared beforehand but once it all happened she couldn't stop talking about it. Really she couldn't stop talking about it.

Christy and I have both been to Vegas before, three or four times each. Transportation and maneuvering around the strip has never been an issue. This time around we became very aware of how far away things are once you account for the four miles of walking you have to do just to leave your hotel. Once you have traversed the labrynth that is a Vegas hotel you have to walk around the strip. Sure, a hotel may only be "two hotels down" but that is the equivalant of 17 city blocks. When you have a four year old that has to take three steps to your one you become aware of how much walking you are doing. She did her best, she rode on my shoulders quite a bit and was a real trooper the whole time. When we left today, we were about a hour outside of Vegas when Ainsley stated that she missed Vegas. Me too. I can't wait to take another vacation there with the girls.

Today we crossed the Hoover Dam and tonight we are in Kingsman, Arizona. Another state - or another country in Ainsley's eyes. She is convinced that each state is really a different country. Vegas really confused this issue since just about ever person we saw spoke French or German. They too thought she was cute. Let's face it, her beauty has international appeal.

Tomorrow has the Grand Canyon in store. We are going to be staying at the Mather campground on the South Rim. Two nights there and then on to Bryce and Zion.

Till then...