Fore Fowls

[Note: I am not that bad of speller, these two words were intentional. Read on.]

Just outside Monterey, in Carmel, there is a 17 mile drive. Along this drive there are three golf courses, the most notable is Pebble Beach. While I would never call myself a golfer I would say that I appreciate the "sport". So saying that I was at Pebble Beach would be pretty cool. So just go already right? In typical California fashion, there is a charge to drive this 17 mile stretch of road - $8.50. My caveman math automatically rounds that up to $10 bucks. $10 bucks to drive a road...huh!?

So I paid it. This is really just a gated community that happens to house one of the most famous golf courses in the world. Some of the houses were fabulous. Stucco mansions, huge sweeping landscaped yards over looking the ocean. Pretty much what you would expect. There were, however, a fair amount of just mediocre houses. House with brown overgrown grass in the front yard. Houses with mossy roofs, siding in desperate need of a power wash and fresh paint and houses with a '84 Tercel parked in the driveway. Houses that reminded me of our first house in Renton before we took over. Places that shouldn't be allowed to charge people to drive by. Maybe they should take some of that money they are collecting and put it towards a restoration project for some of these shacks. Or maybe they could take some of that money and put some scented candles along the beaches and reeked of rotten fish and garbage. Maybe they could do something that makes it more obvious why they are charging to drive on their pavement. Maybe line the road with free candy, make the road out of gold or have "free" limo rides along this trek. Something...just something.

Today was spent on the beach here in Morro Bay. It was a glorious day. The sun was shinning, the surf was churning in big beautiful waves and there was a gentle cooling breeze that provided the perfect setting. Ainsley and I made two tremendous sand caves to hide our treasures. Then we sat and enjoyed a snack, just the two of us...and about 400 seagulls. I believe they are the best evidence of evolution. These damn birds can sense the cracking of a mini-cooler from 300 yards away. With a single sqwah they rally the troops and swoop in to harrass you for food. Nothing deteres them. Nothing. You can chase them on foot, but this only allows the ones on the other side to creep that much closer. You can throw rocks, but this tossing motion only excites them even more. Now they believe you are tossing morsels of goodness to them. Wings flap and feathers fly and more birds come dive-bombing in. It is no wonder Hitchcock made a movie.

Ainsley and I had a blast though. The waves proved a admirable foe today as we chased them all over the beach. We showed our superior running ability and tossed pebbles into the oncoming waves all while taunting the mighty ocean for bigger, stronger waves. What a treat it was. I cherised today. We laughed, got sandy, got wet, got more sandy, talked and then laughed some more. What a delight. I do believe that she is the coolest kid ever.

We ended the day with a small hike around the marina and the local golf course. Ainsley decided that she wants to play golf. Annika Sorenstam watch out. Maybe we can retire early. I am off to roast some marshmallows.



Anonymous said…
Hey you guys, we are loving the day by day pitch of your vacation. Its very vicarious living for us!!!! Sounds like you are having a blast. Savanah got the post card, somehow she just knew she was getting mail that day and low and behold- Ainsley came threw. Savanah wanted to know if Ainsley's entire vacation was being spent in a hole under a tree?
Yeah 3 year old logic!
Have a great time!!!!
Wish you were going to get to see Blue Men. Maybe see the new naked Cirgue De Sole ( yeah i know that isnt spelled right).
Love, Raine