Here fishy fishy fishy

The Monterey Bay Aquarium really lived up to its reputation today. Not only is it large it is well laid out and provides an enormous number of opportunities to buy stuff (there were four or five different shops). It makes sense that the aquarium is so large though, the way I figure it, they pulled in about $25/hour during the 4.5 hours we were there. That should build a nice place. Truthfully, I was impressed with the large selection of wildlife, the exhibits themselves and the knowledge of there volunteers. Kudos.

Today was an off day, no detours. We did make it down to San Louis Obispo today. Actually we are a little north at Morro Bay State Park campground. The campground is internet ready by the way. What's the deal with that? Not to say I don't appreciate it, but is it really necessary to be connected when you are sleeping in dirt? Have we maybe pushed the technology availability a little too far. I thought the fact that most Starbucks were hotspots was a little silly, but this surely takes the cake. I suppose I could object and not partake, but what kind of tech nerd would I be then?

All the same, we are going to just hang out here for a couple of nights. No plans other than playing at the beach. Sounds tough.



Anonymous said…
when the starbucks show up IN the campground, then we'll know we've gone too far
Tony said…
That's a good point and I fear that we are not that far away from seeing this. They already is a general store someone on the premises here. I am sure that the store will branch out into over priced coffee in no time.