Trippy Values

Here are some stats from the trip. As Ainsley would say, these will "bend your mind". O.K., they probably won't but I still think it is a pretty cute thing to say.


Totalyikes15 bagsdouble yikes30415
Max$7$2.25?? (Ainsley)538

Memories made and good times had...priceless.

Surprises. The total amount spent on gas was much lower than I would have thought. We averaged around 24.5 MPG, which given the amount of weight we were hauling and the cartop carriers natural ability to cause a car to be less aerodynamic, I think this is pretty good. This is really good when you add in the large number of mountain passes we traversed.

I am also surprised that the number of pictures taken wasn't more. However, the total size of these pictures was about 1.4 gigs. So if you ask yourself why more pictures haven't been uploaded to Flickr, it's because the pictures are so big and it takes forever.

The total number of miles traveled is also a little shocking. I mean we didn't further East than Arizona and yet we logged more miles than a cross country trek.

I will probably do a review of the campgrounds and facilites by state at some point as well. Right now I would say that Oregon wins for best facilities (coin operated laundry, free showers and hot water in the bathroom sinks). More details to come later.