We traveled along the East Rim of the Grand Canyon today. It is remarkable how much the views of the canyon change in a matter of minutes. Every few minutes the trees would allow a glimpse of the canyon and it looked totally different. We ended up pulling into several of the look out points just to see the "new" canyon. One of the best was the Watchtower which is an old stone tower built by Indians. It offers some great views of the North Rim.

Today we drove along Highway 89A in Arizona today. This was pretty amazing. The Echo Cliffs and Vermillion Cliffs are really great. The scenery throughout Arizona is really incredible. After traveling throughout the state I would have to say that it should be required viewing. The entire state is one gigantic geological scrape. Everyone in the United States should have to go and spend time here. Everyone.

We made it to Zion today. This is another totally new experience. The scenery is again completely different and astonishing. We had some trouble getting a place to stay. There are two campgrounds in the park, both were full. There is a cute little city just on the other side of the park called Springdale that has a very large selection of hotels. All of which were also full. The next town has some nice bed and breakfast spots...full. The next town has a looked full but we didn't stop to check. Hurricane. however, eventually proved good. We got the last room in the hotel. Ainsley and I went swimming and have made the best of it. Tomorrow will be making our way back to the park and then to Bryce. After that we will try to make it up to Provo. It appears that the next few days are going to be full of driving. We have enjoyed ourselves so much up to this point that we have used up a lot of time. Perhaps a little too much. Thankfully I have changed my date to get back to work so that will help a little.