You had to know

We didn't get to the campground until pretty late last night - around 7:45. I really don't care for setting up the site in the dark, but it went pretty well. There are not a lot of trees here and the moon was close to full, so we had some of natures night light to help us. We picked one of the only sites that didn't have people on both sides. Can you guess where this is going?

After we got setup and started to settle in a big SUV pulled into the campsite next to us, a RV moved in behind us and the madness began. The people next to us must have been from a circus. The number of people that unloaded from this thing was beyond comprehension. Most of them were under 3 years old and already crying. Nice. The dad seemed to be in a bad mood and was yelling off and on. After they setup their site the dad left and returned about 15 minutes later with more people! Then around the middle of the night just as I was in between sleep cycles two more cars arrived at the site. Two! I am guessing this was some type of family reunion or something since the dads stayed up late shooting the breeze. Fantastic.

The really odd thing is, at 9:20AM they are already starting to take some of the site apart. What's the deal with that?

It's all good, all part of the adventure. I wouldn't want it any other way...well that might be a stretch. Ainsley slept throught the whole thing so I guess I really don't have any complaints.