It's not just good, it's good for you.

Today was spent at the Jelly Belly factory in Farfield, California. As you may recall, Ronald Regan was a big fan of Jelly Bellys, as a result there was quite a large collection of Regan memorbellia, incuding Jelly Belly portraits of Regan and his biggest fan, the Governator, Arnold.

The tour was pretty good, the process is pretty neat to watch, but the most impressive thing is the number of Jelly Beans that create each day. Seeing hundreds of trays of sitting there...waiting to be eaten....waiting...staring back at you, laughing at the fact that you are behind a wall of glass unable to touch them. It is actually pretty cruel.

The facility does have a pretty neat cafeteria with Jelly Belly shaped burgers and Jelly Belly shaped pizzas. We all had burgers, they tasted like grapes and cherries. Not really, but that would make sense.

The gift shop proved to be a dangerous place. Dangerous indeed. They have several new flavors, an ice cream shop and fancy chocolates. Christy managed to spend the GDP for most third world countries there. They really liked us. A marching band escorted us out to the car even. Alright, that may be a small exaggeration, but I think you get the point.

Today's detour was Santa Cruz. We spent some time on the beach, chasing waves, being chased by waves, generally getting wet and sandy. The water still isn't warm which turned out alright as we were hot from the car ride. A nice beach and a better rejuvination spot.

Tonight we are in Monterey, California. No camping tonight either, there are no camping parks within 30 miles of Monterey. Strange given that the whole city is surrounded by beaches. Most of the cool hotels don't even have swimming pools, apparently it is a law. Huh? We are staying in the Monterey Plaza. Talk about extremes, from camping to a plaza hotel with valets, marble floors and fancy duvets covers. We're kicking it real. Tomorrow holds the promise of a great day. The Aquarium awaits.

Till then...