Animal House

The second night at Morro Point was interesting to say the least. While I thought the night at the KOA was non-camping, this second night proved to be even more so, although in a totally different way. First, the family reunion next door ended with a tally of two SUV's, a minivan, four tents and somewhere around 5 loud and seemingly troublesome children. There was one kid, Elijah, that was continuously getting yelled at. We felt bad for the kid, he couldn't do anything right. There is no way that he was actually causing as much trouble as he was getting into.

One of the things that made it strange was that people were still showing up at 10 o'clock at night. Trying to navigate their trailers into sites that were too small in near total darkness. Most of the other sites were literally red and orange from the bonfires that were burning. Everyone was burning these ridiculously large fires that night. Further, just outside the bathroom, was a group of people camping out of a 70's pimp van. This automobile was right out of an episode of CHiPs. It has the classic wide orange strip that offset the natural brown exterior. The interior was flushed with brown shag carpet and some sort of living room arrangement. The people driving this van couldn't have been more text book for their car. I mean the guy driving the thing had the ultimate farmers tan, drank cheap beer from a can, wore a Rambo style knife on his hip and wore the grungiest baseball cap in existence. I know that you can totally picture this guy. Now picture the 10 year old version of this guy...he was there too. He was the one who had constructed a gigantic T-shaped wood object to catch on fire. Once the crossbar of the "T" was aflame he felt the need to wave it around as if directing airport traffic. This was both a forest fire and major injury just waiting to happen. The rest of the campground was basically an outdoor version of Animal House. Loud, rowdy, obnoxious, never-ending. With the noted absence of togas and John Belushi it could have been a sequel. The working title could be Animal Out-House. A work in progress for sure.

Several times that night Christy and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. We kept saying "I've never see anything like it...this isn't camping". The real shocker of the story is that nearly the whole campground was up and going by 7:30 the next morning. That was really hard to believe. We were hoping to get up early and make a bunch of noise to rattle their cages, but they hosed us on that too.