Blue Man Poo

Well, despite our best laid plans, it appears our wishes to see the Blue Man Group in Vegas are shot. We have learned that they are leaving their current home at the Luxor and moving to the Venetian. Of course there is a transition period...which coincides with our stay in Vegas. They stop performing on the 15th, we'll be there on the 18th. Terrific. The good news is that I am taking it harder than Ainsley is. Actually much harder. I was really wanting to see the show. We should have known that once we got a good deal on the room rate for these days that something else would give. I mean the laws of nature and economics (aren't they the same?) state that things must equilibrate. Cheap show. Or better yet, cheaper room...more expensive show.

Every vacation we have ever taken I have always been cheap; I opt not to do things, choose a bad seat, don't buy souvenirs and so on. Everyone one of these trips ends up the same. I get home and kick myself and beat myself over the head with a club of regret. I should have done this, I will never find another one of *those* again, that would have fun. I have told myself that I wasn't going to do that this trip. Yet as I search for a new show I find these old habits are hard to break. I kid myself that it all makes a difference with the quality of the trip, when I know in reality the trip itself and spending time together is the real gift. Ainsley will really just think about our time together, not the missed Blue Man Group or the partially obstructed view seats (that should read cheaper seats) for "O". What will remain is the games we make up in the car, the spur of the moment stops for a sandwich and a small hike. All of which, ironically, cost very little.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
go to the winchester mansion near San Francisco. In Santa somthing.
from Janice
Anonymous said…

you need to let Ainsley see this

the trees of mystery rock!

having grown up in San Jose, the Winchester mystery house might be a bit of a letdown
Anonymous said…
We miss you already!!
You must be having a good time because we haven't heard from you yet!! You left Fri, and its Saturday!! What's up?
DamaJim and DamaRuth
Dan, Dave, Jen, and Micah
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info about where you are. Port Angeles week end has been fun. The weather great. A number of Dad's "mates" from Vietnam are here with spouses. The city definetly caters to tourist much more than when we lived here. Lots of bead shops, CJ.
The largest growth has taken place in Sequim. It is not the same place. In fact you don't even go through it to get to PA.
We leave shortly for breakfast with the other Coastie's and then will head for home. I am so glad your Dad decided to participate in this event as he has really enjoyed himself.

We are staying in one of the older motels in PA. We were given the Wild West room complete with swinging bar room doors to the toilet. We laughed so hard when we found the bathroom. Not set up for too much privacy.
Our love you you three. We are happy to keep in touch with you and find out what great adventures you are having. Take care. Stay safe.
Mom and Dad