The fact that Iron causes the redness in the rock is obvious. The question that I have is whether it is Ferrous or Ferric that is present.

When I was a freshman in high school I took a correspondence geology course at the local community college. The program worked like this: you check out a series of video tapes, take a test then repeat. I watched five minutes of the first video and found it too boring. So I just went in and took the test. Every two weeks or so I would go in and take a test. No videos, no reading, nothing occurred in between. I got a B+ in the course, the problem is that I didn't learn a thing (shocking I know). I am now really kicking myself . If only I had applied myself then I could be spewing all kinds of useless info onto Ainsley's defenseless little ears right now.


Anonymous said…
sure there was F, but was there any S?
Tony said…
Oddly enough I do believe that there was some sulfur present. I tried to aggitate some of the yellow powder on some of the rocks to see if it smelled like sulfur but it didn't work. So either this was a poor attempt or it wasn't sulfur at all.
Anonymous said…
as long as you didnt try until your hands were black and bleeding.

We miss you! come back soon!!