The Gift of Space

When we learned that we were having twins a lot of thoughts ran through our head. Most of them revolved around sleep and the impending lack thereof. However, as the news started to sink in we starting realizing exactly what it meant to have twins. Two of everything is really an overwhelming task. As we compiled this list it dawned on us that many things needed of which is our car. We can't fit three car seats into either of current cars (an 1989 Honda Accord and a 1995 Chevy Blazer). So we started looking into minivans. It was a sad day...we had finally succumbed to the fact that we were minivan drivers. We started dialing in our wants, needs, desires and so forth. Part of that process was polling other mothers, most importantly other mothers of mulitples, and finding out what they used, what they liked, didn't like, wish they had and so on. The end result is a small race between the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna. Christy was sold on the Sienna from the get-go and I was sold on the Honda. Much like the house I would eventually come around and decide on the Toyota as well.

One of the first things we learned is that minivans, Toyotas and Hondas in particular, really hold their value. A used minivan is almost as much as a new one. Which is great for those people who have already purchased a minivan...not so much for those of trying to join the fold. After hearing of our test drives, our reviews and our dilemma my parents stepped up huge. They offered to pay for half of a new van. Half. 50 percent. 1/2. That is insane! We can now have a new van for the price of a used van. We can now get the 8 passenger model, with the 120284 cup holders, the folding seats, and power sliding door, bug shield and leather interior (a must when you have kids I think). We now have the space we need to carry three car seats and the stuff required to support those that ride in those three car seats. They have given us the gift of space. Space to hold the kids, space to hold the kids stuff, space to move comfortably, space We are very excited and again are put in the position of not knowing how to thank someone.

For someone like myself who doesn't accept help very well at all, the last week has been pretty overwhelming as I have received copious amounts of help from just about everyone I know. It has been fantastic and humbling and I am very thankful for the experience.