The Gift of Time

Late last week the closed on our new house. A 1969 4 bedroom, 2 bath house, a little shy of 1700 sqft. Christy fell in love with it the first time she saw. I, on the other hand, took some convincing. Nonetheless I did come around and am getting pretty excited about it. We are in the fortunate scenario of moving into an empty house, so we can take care of a lot of things before moving in. It really is amazing how much easier it is to do painting and flooring projects without furniture. Sure that sounds like a 'no dah' statement, but the level of complexity this removes is pretty big.

When we first started laying out the things we wanted to get done before moving in we were in the fantastic position of being able to stay in our current apartment as long as we needed, no pressure to move, thus giving us an open timetable on the new house projects. This was made mostly possible by the fact that my parents own the apartment that we are in and are in no hurry to see Ainsley move. Just as we settled on our list, a real nice couple of Wenatchee decided they wanted to move into our apartment when we move. Well, actually before that. They are moving into the apartment on June 23rd. This, of course, changes our "open" timetable quite a bit. We now have to get most of these projects done prior to moving day which is now the 20th of June. Yikes!

Enter the retirees. My Aunt and Uncle have graciously volunteered to help paint, even when we aren't there. Of course with Christy being 20 weeks along she really can't help, so it was up to me to get all of the painting done. They started on Friday and got a lot of work done. Saturday they came back and my dad was with them. We cranked out a lot of work in about 5 hours. Sunday my Aunt came back, my mom and dad both were there, our friends from Portland came up and when it was all said and done on Sunday night we had two the living room and dining room completely done. The master bedroom is 97 percent, the main bathroom is 90 percent, the hallway is 95 percent and the rest on the house is primed and ready to got. We made so much progress today that I believe we may finish by the end of this coming week. A feat that I had no hopes of accomplishing on my own.

When thanking all of the helpers my Aunt said "Time is what I've got, that's what I can give". How incredible that is, because all of their gift of time results in more time for me to do other things...Like tend to other family stuff, work, exercise and most importantly finish on time!!

I am trying to formulate what gifts to present to everyone once this project is over...But how exactly to you thank someone for something so ethereal as time?

The house is really coming together great and I am getting really excited about the whole thing. The colors we chose are turning out great, everything is warm and relaxing, blending well with other colors and generally making the house into ours.

Ainsley is really getting acquainted with the back yard and has professed that it is her favorite part of the new house. It makes me pretty happy to see her run around and enjoy it so much. Feeling happiness from other people being happy is a glorious thing - I suspect that it is what all of our volunteers are feeling as well.