2015 Reading List


Nightworld - F.P. Wilson
This is actually a re-read, something I rarely do, but this book was essentially re-written.  This book came out long ago and introduced a couple of characters, one of which, Jack, went on to become an entire series (Repairman Jack) that all took place before Nighworld.  So some of the original book didn't make sense anymore.  The new version is better since it flows with the other books better.  However, there is a reason I don't re-read books.  It is hard to enjoy them when you know what's coming and ultimately how it is going to end.

Zero Day - David Baldacci
If I was to describe a book whose main character was a tall, muscular Army investigator, who can fight, has excellent shooting skills, has a way with the ladies, has a strong sense of what's right and wrong but is just as quick to kill someone whose in the wrong or in the way, and has uncanny observational and investigative skills you'd quickly think that I was talking about a Jack Reacher novel.  And rightfully so.  But in this case I am actually talking about John Puller. Boy oh boy, are these two characters, and books in general, a lot a like.  If you like one you'll like the other.  So I can say that I enjoyed Zero Day, but most of the time when I saw the name Puller my mind read Reacher.  No joke.


The Forgotten - David Baldacci
The Innocent - David Baldacci
The Sixth Man - David Baldacci


The Target - David Baldacci
King and Maxwell - David Baldacci
The Hit - David Baldacci


The Whole Truth - David Baldacci
I got about 120 pages into this one and had to shelve it.  Not really the fault of the book, but I guess I hit the wall, Baldacci burnout of sorts.

Running Blind - Lee Child


The Hang Mans Song - John Sandford
The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins
There's been a decent amount of chatter about this book, and often that chatter includes discussions of Gone Girl.  I don't know too much about that comparison.  A pretty good book, but I think Gone Girl was probably a better read and kept you on your toes a bit more.
Hope To Die - James Patterson


Crash and Burn - Lisa Gardner
My first Gardner novel, she keeps the story unraveling at a good pace, just enough to keep you guessing, by the end you have most of it but she leaves a couple of surprises for the very end.
Sycamore Row - John Grisham
Somehow this is my first Grishham novel.  Not sure why it took so long to read one of his books.  It's good, even though I never read A Time to Kill having seen the movie still setup the background to this one enough.  I won't be shying away from his work in the future.
Gathering Prey - John Sandford
I find myself liking each Flowers novel more and more, but then this Davenport comes along and renews my interest.  However, after that way this one ends I am thinking more Flowers adventures may be in store.


The Stranger - Harlan Coben
Never disappoints.  Listening to Coben talk about suspense on the Freakonomics podcast was also entertaining.
Remains of Innocence - J.A. Jance
The Racketeer - John Grisham


Cold Betrayal - JA Jance
Mr. Mercedes - Stephen King
Proving that when King writes a "straight-forward" thriller type novel he's one of the best.  Between this and 11/22/63 he's at the top of his game.
Gray Mountain - John Grisham
The Art Forger - B.A. Shapiro
Having just watched the documentary Tim's Vermeer this was kind of a timely read.  A good mix of actual history and fiction.  A little too wrapped up in a nice bow for me, but still a pretty good read.


The Escape - David Baldacci
Another John Puller novel, and given my earlier noted similarities to Jack Reacher another good read.  Having read enough Baldacci now I think I can say that this is his best series.  King and Maxwell are good, but Puller is better.  Maybe I just like the character more.
The Last Patriot - Brad Thor
First Brad Thor novel - the jacket says he's the next coming of Robert Ludlum.  Maybe, the characters, speed and international settings are similar, but I thought that historical fiction side of the novel reminded me more of Dan Brown.


The Phantom - Jo Nesbro
Full Black - Brad Thor - might be the best Thor I've read yet.
Black List - Brad Thor


Code of Conduct - Brad Thor
Finders Keepers - Stephen King
I'm not sure if this was quite as good as Mr. Mercedes.  However, as I mentioned before, when King writes this type of novel he's at his best.  There are moments that are so well written it makes you want to be a writer, or at the very least, yearn to have the skill to write the way he does.  I am now looking forward to the final book in this trilogy. He's really set it up for a great conclusion...although I fear it will be a little too much of a "normal" king sci-fi novel.  We'll see.
Red Sparrow - Jason Matthews


The Litigators - John Grisham
Tell No One - Harlen Coben
The Partner - John Grisham