2013 Reading List


The Affair - Lee Child

A great look back to why Reacher left the army.  I'm finding that as the series progresses they are becoming a little more violent - or I am becoming a little more sensitive.  A solid read.

The Black Box - Michael Connelly

Classic Harry Bosch.  Starts off with the LA riots of the 90's and follows Bosch as he tries to solve a murder 20 years later.  Vintage Bosch tenacity.  As with the others, a really good read.

Wanted Man - Lee Child

Picks ups right where Worth Dying for left off...almost literally.  One thing that I appreciate is the attention to detail that Child puts into this series.  The fact that Reacher's arms where a mess through Worth Dying For as a result of the action in 61 hours, and again, in this novel how his broken nose continued to be an issue for him through Wanted Man.

The Innocent - Harlan Coben

This is the third or fourth Coben I've read - all good.  I can see why those who read Connelly and Child also read Coben.  He is "twistier" than the other two, whatever that is worth.  I am starting to see little things and figure things out a little faster now.  However, the very end was a bit of a surprise...


Promise Me - Harlan Coben

My first Myron Bolitar novel.  This is the reason my former colleague recommended Coben to me in the first place, so it is exciting to finally get a chance to read a novel with him as a character.  As expected, at least now that I've read a few Coben novels, the twists that wrap up the book were good.  This set of twists were more unexpected than "The Innocent".  Given this was my introduction to this set of characters, I can say that I like Win already.

Echo Burning - Lee Child (In Progress)

Going back into the earlier days of Jack Reacher.  Good story, decent action and fun to see how, in some aspects, his characters has changed much from this earlier book to the current installments.  I think was draws me to him the most is the sense of right and wrong and sticking up for people.  This is similar to the Repairman Jack character as well which I've always enjoyed.

Tripwire - Lee Child

The is the first Reacher book that I didn't totally love.  It started out good and then kind of ground to a halt.  I thought the story was a little slow to develop, didn't have the same level of action as the others and ended with a little on the lame side.  Maybe if I had read these in order I wouldn't feel this way, but so far this is the weakest book in the series.


One Shot - Lee Child
It took me a while to come around to read this one because I'd already seen the movie and was sure that it was going to be different.  I thought the movie was alright on its own.  After reading the book there is the seemingly requisite disparity between the two. Why a movie cannot be a one to one representation of the book it is supposed to represent is a mystery.  A pretty good story, a little bit more of the investigative, analytic mind of Reacher.  I liked the book all the same.

Die Trying - Lee Child
Decent action, but there was a slightly higher requirement to suspend belief than I maybe cared for.  Some of the situations Reacher survives in this one were a little much.  Still a decent read.


Kill Alex Cross - James Patterson
This is my first James Patterson novel and, by default, my fist Alex Cross book.  This book, with its micro twitter-like chapters was a quick read.  It was pretty fast paced.  There are really two stories throughout the book and it doesn't take too long to determine that the story lines aren't really connected. All the same, the book does a nice job of keeping you interesting, providing just enough details to keep you reading.  Since Patterson apparently isn't the sole author of his books it is hard to determine if this is representative of his other works.  I might give another one a try though.


Hold Tight - Harlan Coben
I was able to figure most of this one out.  Not to say it wasn't good, but just didn't have my guessing as much.  The one exception is the final "medical" twist at the end, but otherwise a good story.

Live Wire - Harlan Coben
Another good Myron Bolitar novel.  Still think that Win is the best part.

Inferno - Dan Brown
I would say that this was just an OK book. I think the concept was interesting and as with the other Robert Langdon novels, the history and description of art really makes me want to travel.  In this case I wanted to go to Florence and see these things that were so well brought to life in the book.  While the political aspect of this story will never reach the pitch that the Da Vinci Code brought, it is in fact something that does need more attention.  I don't think this is Brown's strongest work, the pace was slower than the others and the story not quite a strong  But a fair read all the same.


Stay Close - Harlan Coben
Much like Hold Tight, I was able to decipher this one.  Given the surprises that the first books I read held this is a little disappointing and does take away from the joy a little bit.  Not much, I still enjoyed the story and one of the things that I like about Coben is how characters from each of the books show up all of the time (Muse, Flair, etc.).  Something about that I really like.

Long Lost - Harlan Coben
Classic Coben.  No complaints, solid read.


The Bat - Jo Nesbro
Read this because I saw somewhere that Michael Connely liked this author.  It was OK.  Did make me want to visit Australia though.

Until Proven Guilty - JA Jance
My first Jance novel.  Fun to read something set in Seattle.  Pretty good story.  I had started this once before quite a while ago and couldn't get into it.  Things went better this time.  Some decent twists and turns here.  I thought that JP Beaumont was a bit like Connelly's Bosch character which isn't a knock.  I'll probably read another which says something.


At Risk - Partricia Cornwell
Front - Patricia Cornwell

These two books go together with At Risk introducing the character Win Garano.  These are pretty quick reads and my first introduction to Cornwell's work.  I doubt these are representative of her work because I found both stories to be a bit rushed, a little underdeveloped and with a quick resolution at the end.


Betrayal of Trust - JA Jance
Takes place in Olympia, just another added bonus to a good story.

Fire and Ice - JA Jance
Another solid story, my first introduction to her Brady character.

Buried Prey - John Sandford
Based on a half-assed recommendation from a book store employee I took a chance.  Sandford delivers a great character in Davenport.  I think this is one of the later books in the long running series, but it is a really good one to start as there is a good portion of the book that takes place in the past and provides a good history of the main character and how he got to where he is today.


Wicked Prey - John Sandford
Storm Prey - John Sandford

Although I am once again joining an existing series and reading them out of order I am finding each one to be a great read.  Again, he develops the story and release the details and clues evenly throughout, not leaving all of the discovery and "aha" moments to the last few pages.  Recommended reading.


Bad Luck and Trouble - Lee Child
Phantom Prey - John Sandford
Justice Denied - JA Jance


Mortal Prey - John Sandford
It was nice to see a Davenport foe with some intelligence.  As usual, solid.
Naked Prey - John Sandford
Gods of Guilt - Michael Connelly
Reading a new Connelly novel is like a good comfort food.  Felt good to come "home".  As expected, a great read with some great back and forth within the courtroom.  Micky is having a tough time but that just makes his character more realistic and human.