Spring Forward Fall Back

For the last month or so Jade has been trying to roll over. She pulls her legs ups and starts rocking. She works so hard and watching it is both fun and a little painful. You want her to succeed so bad, but helping isn't really an option. Finley on the other hand just lays there and watches. He looks at her and silently cheers for her success, yet at the same time has a vibe of him that says "that looks like a lot of work, why would you want to do that?".

After of couple of weeks of this, Jade finally rolled over, but it was from her belly to her back. Ten minutes later Finley rolled from his back to his belly. Now I don't how what Jade thought of this, but I guess she thinks he is showing off...no real practice and does it so effortlessly. Of course with Finley's size once he gets a little bit of momentum he can't help but rollover.

Since this time, Finley hasn't rolled over either way again. Jade has continued her crusade for a back to front roll. Last night she did it - and convincingly as well. She rolled from her back to her front. I rolled her back and she did it again, and again, and again. About a dozen times later she was a little tired. When she got up this morning she couldn't wait to do some more rolling. Christy had a real wrestling match with her this morning. Jade trying to roll, and Christy trying to change a diaper. An epic battle that was eventually won by Christy. Barely. Finley continues to observe and be laid back. I guess he gets that from me.

Next up, teeth. Both of these kids are trying to cut some teeth. Ainsley got her first tooth at 4 1/2 months. Finley and Jade are looking to do the same. Drool like nothing you have ever seen. We've resorted to putting Finley in bibs to try to keep his shirt dry - try. As anyone who has had kids knows, the teething experience provides its own set of challenges, throw in some rolling and we have a lot of fun going on.

It is all good. We are having a real good time. They both like to be sung to. Row, Row, Row your boat is a supper hit. Ainsley still continues to capture their attention anytime she is in the room and provides them with endless hours of entertainment. She is a terrific big sister.