Once again Ainsley participated in the Halloween parade in Tenino. This year she was the Cat in the Hat. Of course that meant that Finley and Jade had to be Thing1 and Thing2
Halloweed Kids 2006
It was a great day, the clouds parted and the sky turned crystal blue and warm just as the parade was ending. The party inside was fun, Ainsley was really good at the ball toss and fishing games. Try as she did she was unable to bring home a cake from one of the cake walks this year. I think it was rigged.

We met our friends there to add to the fun and games. Onica came as Princess Fiona.

With all of that paint, that costume was a real commitment. My hat is off to her for sticking with it.

All in all a good time was had by all and we walked away with a small, but sufficient amount of candy and a handful of memories and good times.