Ainsley Update

Ainsley is really starting to grow up. She is currently taking her third swim class and the local YMCA and is going incredibly well. She is a real natural. The lessons have really paid off. When Christy and I tried to teach her anything she just clammed up, however with a teacher and her parents in the viewing room, she is willing to try just about anything. And once she tries something, she's got it nailed. Another mom commented to us how good she was before she knew Ainsley was ours. We're proud and excited for her.

She is also getting ready for her first musical recital. Her musical class is going to be putting on a recital on November 19th. They will be singing four songs and Ainsley will be performing a song on the piano as well. She is killer. She has a good time and enjoys herself, so it makes it worthwhile. I'll post pictures and a review of the show later.

She is also a really great big sister. She loves to hold both the kids and has already jumped in and changed a few diapers by herself. We definetly couldn't have made it this far without her. She's the best and constantly reminds us of how lucky we are and how special she is.