Our new kids. That's right, after nearly 39 weeks of waiting and cooking, the new babies are here.

Finley Paul: 8lbs 2.2. oz. - 20 inches
Jade Aurora: 6lbs 15 oz. - 19 inches

We have just tripled the number of kids we have. From one to three in less than a day. Here they are, all snuggled in bed together earlier this morning.

He was born first at 4:18PM and she was born 38 minutes later at 4:56PM. She was breech and was literally pulled out by here feet. The doctor just went in a grabbed her. It was pretty crazy.

Christy ended up getting an induction, which was really just breaking her water. We opted for that because her blood pressure had been slowly creeping up over the last few days and we didn't want to get into a medically necessary birthing situation.

As you can imagine, Christy was pretty big. She was just about finished with her 38th week, so the babies had been cooking for quite awhile. Here she was just after we checked in.

I still can't believe that there were two people in there. Over 15 lbs of baby stuffed in that's pretty incredible.

We arrived at the hospital around 8AM and they broke Finleys water around 9AM. She started having serious contractions about 90 minutes later and by mid afternoon things had progressed very nicely. Christy is one very impressive mom. She delivered Finley without any help.

Jade was still breech even after she had the stomach to herself. We thought she might turn around but she was pretty happy to stay where she was. So after about a half hour the doctor decided to go in a get her, feet first. This was a very intense moment for everyone. Jade was trying to pull her feet up to avoid being grabbed, the doctor was trying to get just feet (she originally grabbed a hand and a foot) and the whole battle was happening somewhere in the upper reaches of Christy's uterus. I didn't measure, but I didn't know someone could put their arm in that far...yikes!

So in the end Christy ended up delivery two babies vaginally without an ounce of medication. Not an aspirin, a tumbler of gin or anything. The other mothers and nurses in the room were all very impressed. Especially after Jade was born. I couldn't be more proud of her. She worked very hard all throughout the pregnancy, taking pills, eating every couple of hours, sleeping, frequent check-ups. All of it without complaining. All of it paying off huge. The pediatrician that checked us out said that we set a record. The first set of twins to go home in the min. 24 hour period. These are two very healthy babies and Christy is recovering beautifully. I seriously think that she is super human.

Both kids are nursing really well. Jade is especially good and nursed for over 20 minutes within 15 minutes of being born. She's a champ. Finley is getting the hang of it.

Ainsley is already proving to be a very caring and gentle big sister. She loves to hold them and kiss them on the check. She has also proved that she can sleep through anything as she didn't wake up once last night.

Christy's folks stayed with us last night and are helping us out today. I am sure there is a limit, but right now I don't think you can have too many helping hands.


Hilary said…
Congratulations! Your babies (all three of them) are just gorgeous! I can't wait to meet Finley and Jade. I am SO happy for you all. Love, Hilary, Jim & Jacob
Amy said…
I am still in awe of the amazing experience of watching all of you through such an incredible event. Christy, you are a Goddess among women! So beautiful, so brave and strong, so maternal...simply a Goddess.

Thank you a thousand times for allowing me to be at Finley and Jade's moment of birth. I will never forget it.

Much love to all of you!