The Jerk

The Jerk is one of those movies that is just so silly you have to laugh. However, I found myself in near hysterics this week recalling scenes from this movie and applying them to real life...twice.

The Dept. of Ecology uses what appears to be your standard recycled paper towels in the restroom. You know the ones that are easily identified by their coarse texture, inability to absorb water and dull dark brown color. You've seen these before I am sure. Well earlier this week a lighter somewhat more pleasurable paper towel was being dispensed. I found the scene from the jerk where the new phone books arrive playing through my head. I then pictured myself running up and down the halls waving the new paper towels over my head screaming "they're here they're here, the new paper towels are here!!". I chuckled to myself and returned to my desk. For the rest of the afternoon I kept replaying that scene over and over again and every time I laughed a little bit harder. I felt rather foolish sitting at my desk laughing, but I just couldn't control myself.

Yesterday I was at Safeway and I was purchasing a bag of ice. When I opened to door to the cooler I found ice cubes scattered about. I quickly found the offending bag and noticed it had ripped along the top seam. Too bad I thought and quickly moved to another bag. I picked up a new bag and as soon as the door closed the top seam on my bag ripped. Now I had the scene from The Jerk where the guy is trying to assassinate Steve Martin and keeps hitting the oil cans. Steve Martin runs around saying "I think something is wrong with these cans!". Indeed, something was wrong with these bags!

All the same, if you haven't seen the movie you should, it'll make you laugh. If nothing else I will make you search for the best pizza in a cup in town.