Procession of Species Parade

Yesterday we met our friends in downtown Olympia to watch the
Procession Parade. A brief description from the official site states:

There are just three Procession rules
The three rules inspire, nourish, and protect the Procession's cultural evolution of imagination, creation, and sharing.
No written words • No pets • No motorized vehicles

And in a nutshell...
Created by the community for the community the Procession of the Species Celebration is a joyous, artistic pageant, embracing the languages of art, music and dance to inspire learning, appreciation and protection of the natural world. The intent of the Procession is to elevate the dignity of the human spirit by enhancing the cultural exchange that we have with each other and with the natural world..Andnd to do that through imagination, creation, and sharing.

What exactly does that mean? It means that people used recycled items to create wonderful costumes and props to celebrate all kinds of animals. Some examples were lions, sea turtles, jellyfish (an umbrella with strings hanging from the edge), dolphins and even bees and wasps. There was music and dancing as well. The best moment was the volcano. A group of adults holding cardboard placards painted red and grey to look like rocks would huddle in a circle and shake their placards. A couple of others would bang some drums to make an earthquake type sound and then the adults would raise the placards up high and a group of red dressed kids would run out and scream. Just like lava. It was really clever and well done.

It was really fun, the weather decided to do a 180 and allow the sun to come out and be perfectly comfortable during the one hour parade. Sometimes things just work out.

We'll hopefully have some photos up on Flickr soon.